Rules and Regulations

So that each visitor may have a safe and enjoyable experience, the Morrow County Park District has adopted the following regulations.

1. Visitors are required to be on designated trails or other improved public facilities at all times. Off Trail Use Permits can be obtained from the District by application.

2. Littering is prohibited and enforced! A carry-in/carry out policy for trash is in effect to help reduce costs and eliminate unsightly trash containers and associated insect pests.

3. No person shall injure, deface, destroy, disturb or remove any flowers, shrubs, trees, plants or other vegetation, rocks, mushrooms, all animals, birds, retiles or amphibians or any other natural occurring feature within the park without written permission.

4. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and hallucinogens or tobacco smoking within the park is prohibited.

5. No person shall operate or ride bicycles, horses, motorized vehicles or any wheeled vehicles on park trails unless necessary for the physically challenged.

6. Persons may be present in the park only between sunrise and sunset unless otherwise permitted by the Morrow County Park District.

7. No person shall disturb, move, deface or destroy any research tags, materials, or apparatus within the park.

8. Domestic animals are prohibited.

9. No person shall release any wild or domestic animal or plant in the park.

10. No person shall leave any vehicle within the park or after closing hours except in an emergency.

11. Swimming in park waters is prohibited.

12. Fishing in park waters or streams is permitted where posted. Fishers must abide with all Ohio Division of Wildlife regulations including having a valid Ohio fishing license.

13. Hunting and trapping within the park is only permitted by written permission from the Morrow County Park District.

14. ALL STATE LAWS APPLY. All Ohio Revised Code sections, including motor vehicle, wildlife and environmental protection apply to park properties and may be enforced by any Ohio law enforcement officer.